Wall to Wall Branding for NeoGenomics


Designing and installing a bespoke wall design for the NeoGenomics Cambridge office


Just Like Neo

After years of working with Inivata, the business was aquired by US based company, NeoGenomics. Identity Creative worked with the US team to introduce NeoGenomics into the UK work environment.

The key aims of the project were to build consistency within the office internal branding and make the workplace feel like a NeoGenomics office, yet still retain elements of what came before. Identity were comissioned to design and install a feature wall within the office including a metal sign of the NeoGenomics logo, an entrace plaque and unique wall design to reflect the companies values and brand.

The project allowed the design team to have complete creative freedom and come up with whatever design solutions they thought would suit the space and environment most effectively. The chosen design featured a helix design comprised with 3D discs. Each disc had a changeable vinyl icon placed onto it, representing a different value of the company. The inclusion of the helix was taken from the Inivata logo, yet was presented in the NeoGenomics colours. The blending of the two brands created a new yet familar look to the office, for the staff who would see it everyday.

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