The Importance Of Website Optimisation 


In October 2022 our Senior Web Developer (Thanos Panagiotidis) held a talk at one of the Mantle Networking events on the Importance of website optimisation.


Improving Traffic

Website optimisation is key to maintaining a fast and reliable website for your visitors and helping them navigate without long loading times.

By optimising your website you can offer a secure, user-friendly platform to your visitors and also level up your presence on search engines (Google or others).

Key notes on this presentation:

How does an optimised website help you get more traffic/sales?
Imagine browsing on a really slow website that sells your favourite perfume at a very reasonable price but it takes at least 3-5 minutes to load the checkout page, and then 2 more minutes to process the payment. Most of the users will leave the page and look for the same product on a different website. Optimisation is the key to keeping your website visitors happy for longer session times.

I don’t like using my phone to browse on the website, do I still need to optimize it?
When it comes to a website and your online presence it is not about what you like but what will make your website accessible for all these potential visitors. DON’T forget – 70% of Website users are on mobile devices.

website speed

More things to consider

Website theme and elements, do they affect my website?
Yes, the more pre-made elements or themes you use the more plugins your website will have installed on the server. Every plugin will need more time to load and display the content, therefore your visitors have a longer wait time to use your website.

Why invest money in a good server?
The server is your website’s house. It contains all the information, images, and other content for your visitors to see. The bigger and better the server is, will allow for more resources to be added allowing your website to load faster.

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