Moving in the right direction with a new brand and lifestyle app design


First Step

trundl is a brand new activity app for completing virtual walks for charity. Their system is you go, they give, you get. The ethos of trundl is to improve health and wellbeing whilst also doing good for some important UK outdoor and mobility causes.

Identity Creative were invited to join the journey with trundl to help them create a playful and approachable brand identity. Through experimentation with typography, colours and imagery, ‘Bundl the hedgehog’ was born. The Identity and trundl teams came up with a hedgehog to be the ambassador for the brand, to represent walking as the new recognisable face of trundl.

This icon was then paired with a collection of vibrant tones and a modern yet unique typeface. A specific colour for the logo was left undecided, as the client wanted the brand to remain dynamic, to add to the overall playfulness of the brand and appeal to all.


Tracking Steps

Now the brand had its new walking boots on it was time to look to the app itself. Through the conceptual phase of the app development, Identity worked on the visual prototypes of the user interface.

This involved looking at the styling of text, buttons, background and featured visuals and the overall layout for screens. The newly established branding was applied across the app design with the addition of single line bespoke illustrations.

A suite of illustrations were created in a unique single line style for use across all marketing materials and digital platforms for trundl. When using the app, the user gains achievements and stats at the end of each walk. These needed a key visual to illustrate the data or milestone achieved. Whether that’s completing a walk equal to 200 crocodiles or covering the distance between Olympia and Edinburgh, Identity ensured a matching yet individually fun drawing was paired with each.

Bespoke Illustrations

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