Queen Mary Enterprise Zone


A fresh lick of paint for Queen Mary’s new venture


Working Together

Queen Mary University Enterprise zone (QME) is a modern and flexible workspace for start-ups, with particular focus on Digital Health, MedTech and AI, in East London.

QME is an enterprise from the Queen Mary University of London, which has existing branding and design work produced by Identity Creative. The brief for the new space was to create a logo that fits in with the previous brands yet retains its own identity, and reflects the modern look of the innovation hub.

A fresh new colour palette was created, comprised of a selection of tones that couple with a combination of serif and sans serif fonts, to achieve a classic yet innovative aesthetic to the brand.


A Digital Zone

As a space for innovation, the digital space requested by QME had to reflect the same principals.

The website shows off the space in all its glory with a large inclusion of high quality photography throughout. The top hero banner moves between images and key words, to tell the viewer all about QME in a short window.

Feeds for news and events were added to allow for regular updates to be shared to site viewers, as well as a booking form for people wanting to visit the zone.

Identity continue to work on projects for QME including large scale signage which can be seen on the London Underground.

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