Offering a dynamic platform using existing architecture


A Linked Platform

ProsaRx is a subsidiary brand of RxCelerate, via an acquisition of Prosarix in 2019. Identity Creative were tasked with creating a new website with the same style and structure of the RxCelerate website previously created.

After a clone of the existing website was made, Identity then implemented the supplied content and images. The new site looks like it is part of RxCelerate, with the same architecture, but is distinguished by the colour palette and visuals.

ProsaRx wanted to show the different advanced molecules and protein designs across the website. Identity took the supplied 3D assets, then generated high quality imagery and a 3D video banner to show off the capability of the ProtoDiscovery™ platform. The graphics were stylized and colour corrected to flow with the company brand and match the overall site aesthetic.


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