DMG Delta


Giving DMG Delta a more sustainable brand for this new world of net zero


Power Up

DMG Delta provide engineering solutions that ensure buildings can operate efficiently and sustainably in this new world of net zero.

Identity and DMG have a long standing partnership through working with Data Energy for many years. In 2022 they requested an upgrade on their existing branding, printed materials and website. Keeping the colours and general logo silhouette intact, Identity modernised the typography, icon and added some additional brand elements.

The new brand identity was set up to be as sustainable as the services DMG provide their customers. To ensure the brand was futureproofed, a full and comprehensive brand guideline was created for external and internal use.



On Page & Screen

The newly built brand was installed, however this then needed to be applied to the new 10 page website.

Engineered for ease of viewing and a modernisation of the previous platform, the site features high quality photography, news feeds and an edited video hero banner.

Across the site there are an array of infographics such as 3D isometric icons and illustrations to show the services DMG provide and how their technical engineering works.

DMG continue to work with Identity to request new business cards, printed materials and regular updates to the website from the Identity hosting and maintenance packages.

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