Gifting in motion


YouChoose commissioned a bespoke animation to bring their brand to life.


YouChoose on the move

YouChoose are a brand that Identity have worked with for years! They offer a new type of gift with endless choice – their range of one card, multi brand gift cards are the perfect gift for EVERYONE! Our job was to create a unique animated video, using their branding and colour pallet, to show their customers how to use their vouchers.

The process started as it always does – a meeting with the brand. This part of the process is key, to understand exactly what they want, what the aim of the piece is and their style/tone of voice, to make sure we provide them with a final product that slots into their brand image.

We worked with YouChoose to develop a script and a storyboard so that we could both begin to visualise what the end product was going to look like, taking each stage and illustrating it in a fun and innovative way. Once we were both happy with the storyboard, the animation process began…

The animation starts with an introduction to their brands and gift cards and then moves onto showing the different use cases through the perspective of two characters. We worked with their existing colour pallet which is super colourful and playful, and stylised the animation around that so that it felt cohesive and represented their brand in a way that makes sense.


Adding the finishing touches…

Once the animation process was complete, the process could be seen but not yet heard. We brought in a voice actor to record a high-quality voice over to clearly narrate the customer journey.

Choosing a voice actor that suits the brand was something that YouChoose took control over in order to make sure it was someone who gave the right tone of voice. We then worked with this, adding a bright, upbeat sound track to compliment both the visuals and the speech.

Finally, we supplied YouChoose with the video files to add to their website and on other digital marketing platforms.

It was a pleasure to work with YouChoose again and it was super rewarding to see their satisfaction with the final product.

We really look forward to future animation work!

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