Constructing a Platform of Ex-cell-ence


Developing an iconic platform with RxBiologics to help them be discovered and showcase their library of services


Iconic Design

RxBiologics is part of the RxCelerate group of companies, offering antibody discovery services using their proprietary Galaxy™ library platform. They generate world-class biologics with optimal drug development qualities.

Identity Creative were given the brief to design a 5 page website advertising RxBiologics antibody discovery services, complete with bespoke icons.

Using RxBiologics bold colour palette allowed Identity Creative to design a platform that stands out in the scientific sector. High-end abstract interpretations of cells were used as brand elements throughout the site to constantly enforce the science behind the company. A full width video banner was implemented on the home page to immediately grab the viewers’ attention.

Contemporary icons were designed to help support and represent more complex information on the website. The icons were produced in line with RxBiologics branding and can help support information across their marketing materials as well.

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