Chalk of the Town


Helping to invite potential new residents to Chalk Place, a local and stylish new development


An Inviting Place

Chalk Place is an exclusive new development in the historic market town of Saffron Walden, comprised of luxury two bedroom apartments which are modern in design.

Being a local apartment complex to Identity Creative in Saffron Walden, bespoke photography was carried out to show the picturesque surrounding area and bring their marketing materials to life. These materials included a brochure and invitation to entice future residents.

A selection of signage was also produced to match, including A1 sign boards with details of the property and large scale named signage to go outside the building. Often a few of the Identity team would pass the development on their way in and out of the office, so could see how the work they do impacts the local area, offering a sense of fulfilment, and the drive to help other future clients.

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