A New Cover for The Gibsons Library


Refreshing the branding and signage for the historic Saffron Walden Library


Booking it in

The Gibson Library contains more than 25,000 volumes, and is a major resource for the study of the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Each edition provides an important insight into both the interests and lifestyle of this period, with the earliest item in the Collection dates back to the middle of the 14th Century.

The chance to refresh and bring life to a centre-point of Saffron Walden was an incredible project which was key to the local community and visitors.

The creative route for the branding was based on George Gibson and his family heritage, using the family crest as inspiration for the final piece and the inclusion of a crane. It was important that the final piece reflected the historical story whilst focusing on a modern styling.

We continue to work alongside The Gibson Library for their design requirements, from date labels for book collection, to signage both inside and outside the building (including frosted glass panes throughout the library featuring their new logo).


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